Capital Raising

Capital Raising

•    Ability to assist our clients to raise capital in the form of debt, equity, structured finance, or project finance.

•    We assist our clients in preparing teasers, information memorandums and other bankable documents to be presented to potential providers of capital. We help our clients in negotiations with financial institutions so that they may obtain tailor-made solutions to their capital needs.


•    Assist our customers with business plans.

•    We assist our clients in elaborating their business plans to assess their operational and financial soundness and to assess any new ventures or divestures. We also help our clients in preparing business plans for submission to any regulatory or licensing authority.

•    Introduction of strategic investors.

•    We have a network of strategic partnerships enabling us to identify potential investors for our clients. We assist our clients in meeting strategic investors and in tailoring their deals so as to enable the strategic investor to add value to the Client’s business through its market knowledge and contacts.

•    General private placements through our strategic alliances.

•    As mentioned above, we have a broad network of strategic partners who works together with us to finance our Clients. We help clients in their capital raising exercise in looking to selected and qualified investors who can add value to our client’s business. Based on our client’s investment strategy, we short list opportunities which have been carefully assessed by our team.