Corporate and Finance Advisory Services

Corporate Finance Advisory Services

•    Independent business valuations.

•    We provide business valuation services in the context of potential acquisitions and for sell-side transactions. We assist our clients in determining the consideration and potential synergies as well as in structuring the payment of the consideration. We also help our clients wishing to divest part of their businesses in determining the value of the latter so as to raise capital to focus on core activities.


•    Business and financial modelling.

•    We built financial models based on historical performance or from scratch to assist our clients in evaluating investments in new lines of business (feasibility study), in determining the best capital mix and for budgeting purposes. We thus assist our clients in determining the viability of projects as well as to raise finance in order to maximise the value of the company.

•    Financial due diligence.

•    We accompany our clients on every steps of their potential deals be it buy-side or sell-side. We carry out financial due diligences on potential targets in order to analyse and validate all financial assumptions as well as to ascertain the soundness of their financial position and revenue generating capacity. Sell-side financial due diligence assists our clients wishing to dispose parts of their assets to provide comfort on the financial health of their business to potential acquirers.

•    Advisory services in terms of corporate governance issues.

•    Corporate governance issues range from board membership composition to more critical issues like crisis management. We provide guidance and advice to our clients to establish leading governance practices so as to provide a framework for effective governance.

•    Share buyback and capital restructure.

•    Share buybacks enable companies to distribute profits to shareholders other than through dividends. We assist our clients in choosing the best method for their share buyback and help them structure the process. We thus help our clients in determining the most efficient capital structure.