Sponsor- Listing Services

Sponsor – Listing services

•    Acting as sponsor and authorised representative on the SEM

•    We assist our clients wishing to list their securities on the SEM to assess whether they meet all listing requirements and in choosing the most appropriate route. We then help our clients to prepare all necessary constitutive documents as well as the listing particulars and other application documents. As sponsor and authorised representative, we also liaise with all concerned parties to ensure that all application documents comply with the SEM and DEM Listing Rules.


•    Ensuring our clients which are listed on the SEM meet their ongoing listing obligations.

•    We assist our listed clients in drafting and reviewing all publications such as corporate announcements and financial statements. We also help our clients in determining the nature of notifiable transactions and the ensuring that the contents of any circular meets all the requirements of the Listing Rules.

•    Facilitate dual listings on stock exchanges within the Common Monetary Area.

•    The Common Monetary Area (‘CMA’) refers to the monetary union which links South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. We have an experienced team which assists our clients to achieve dual listing on the stock exchanges of the countries within the CMA. We help our clients in assessing their pre-listing requirements and in finding listing sponsors in these countries.

•    Assisting our customers to create liquidity on their stock.

•    Liquidity on stocks help issuers to realise the value of their securities rapidly. We assist our clients in creating liquidity in their stock by looking for market makers or potential direct investors willing to take up additional shares to be listed on the stock exchange.