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Safyr Capital stands at the forefront of advisory and capital market services, empowering clients with a breadth of unrivalled expertise. Leveraging our command of the financial landscape, we adeptly guide businesses to their strategic objectives with bespoke financial solutions. We furnish comprehensive, custom-tailored strategies to institutional commercial real estate clients in every facet of debt capital financing. From sourcing debt, navigating distressed loan restructuring, orchestrating capital raising, to providing insightful advisory on capital structure, acquisitions and dispositions, we leverage portfolio analytics and strategic planning to drive growth and solidify financial resilience.

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Years Serving Real Estate Companies


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Lead Advisor To Two Large Real Estate Funds For The Implementation Of A Healthcare Facility In Mauritius


Structured Noted Listed On A Recognized Stock Exchange


Lead Advisor To Real Estate Portfolio For Family Office In Africa.

Assert your competitive edge and realize your company’s long-term objectives by capitalizing on our unrivalled expertise, robust financial solutions, and extensive global network. Whether your enterprise is entrenched in agricultural commodities, engaged in food processing, or driving manufacturing innovations, we fuel your growth trajectory with our comprehensive capital market solutions.

We deliver a suite of specialised services, encompassing mergers and acquisitions, insightful advisory, and strategic capital raising – all meticulously tailored to fit your business, irrespective of its size. With a deep commitment to collaboration, we align ourselves intimately with our clients, becoming intimately acquainted with their strategies, aspirations, and hurdles spanning the medium to long term. Our role is not merely advisory; we embed ourselves in your journey, facilitating transformative success.

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With insights and relationships throughout the healthcare ecosystem, our team excels at securing ideal partners to create value for our clients.

Artemis Curepipe Hospital
Artemis Curepipe Hospital
Artemis Curepipe Hospital
Artemis Curepipe Hospital

Standing at the vanguard of healthcare innovation, Safyr Capital has played a pivotal role as the Lead Transaction Advisor in the conception and commissioning of Mauritius’ inaugural pair of cancer treatment facilities.

This groundbreaking venture, fueled by successful capital raising efforts to the tune of USD 60M via both equity and debt, will see the rise of state-of-the-art Healthcare Facilities. These cutting-edge establishments will be brought to life by a pair of leading pan-African real estate firms, leveraging over a decade of collective experience in the real estate sector.

The day-to-day operations of the Healthcare Facilities will be in the capable hands of an industry-leading cancer healthcare operator. With over 20 years of experience, a dedicated workforce of 400+ doctors, and a track record of treating over 200,000 cancer patients annually, the operator guarantees world-class cancer treatment services. These facilities are poised to bring the latest cancer treatment technologies to Mauritius, raising the bar for healthcare on the island.


Building Of The First Two Private Cancer Hospitals In Mauritius


Cancer Treatment Healthcare Facility With More Than 200 Beds


Lead Transaction Advisor


Led Discussions With World Class Healthcare Operator In India That Operates More Than 400 Beds


The Healthcare Operator Treats More Than 200 K Cancer Patients Per Year

Navigating the global energy sector’s intricate web of products and services requires not just expertise, but the right perspective to achieve client goals. Safyr Capital stands tall as an investment bank specializing in the energy, power, and infrastructure sectors. We leverage our vast knowledge, paired with our broad spectrum of partners, to unearth opportunities that yield maximum value for our clients.

We take great pride in our role as the principal Corporate Finance Advisor to one of Africa’s largest energy providers, a relationship that underscores our influence and proficiency in the sector. Beginning in 2018, this energy titan pivoted towards focusing solely on innovative renewable solutions. Today, it invests in solar projects across numerous African sites, with the mission of providing approximately 150,000 people with reliable, clean energy. The provider’s purpose remains resolute – to exploit Africa’s abundant natural resources and talent in order to foster innovation and promote sustainable development. As their key financial advisor, Safyr Capital stands at the forefront of this endeavor, empowering transformative growth within the energy landscape.

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Installed Solar Power Plants In Madagascar, Providing Affordable Electricity To More Than 150,000 Households By Our Client


Installed Solar Power Plants By Our Client In West Africa


Lead Advisor To Real Estate Portfolio For Family Office In Africa.

As the central transaction advisor and listing sponsor, Safyr Capital has successfully orchestrated the listing of 22,000,000 ordinary shares on the SEM, amounting to a significant value of USD 22M. The recipient, a trailblazing company operating within the thriving Fintech industry of sub-Saharan Africa, was meticulously chosen for its unique strategic vision.

With the firm intention to act as an investment catalyst, this company facilitates the consolidation of niche entities that deliver managed outsourced account hosting, electronic transaction processing, and ancillary services, thereby bolstering the financial services industry. Safyr Capital’s active role in this landmark deal underscores our profound understanding and commanding presence in the ever-evolving world of Fintech.

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Banking Solutions Software Developed By Our Client


Listed Equity On A Recognised Stock Exchange