Board of Directors

Deva Marianen


Deva is the founder of the SAFYR Group and he specializes in Capital Markets with a strong

focus on Private Equity, serving as an advisor to several large institutions and family offices.

Deva founded Safyr Capital in 2017. He is also the Chairman of Safyr Utilis which is a licensed

fiduciary platform in Mauritius and sits on the board of several listed companies with portfolio

of investments across Africa.

Throughout his career, he has led various mergers and acquisitions globally, in sectors such as

renewable energy, agriculture, financial services, fintech and health care. He holds a degree in

Economics and is qualified Chartered Secretary.

Anthea Antao


Anthea is a qualified lawyer, having successfully passed the vocational bar exams and

completing pupillages in both Mauritius and Seychelles. She specializes in constitutional,

criminal and civil law. She has been the anchor heading compliance governance and risks for

the Safyr Group across all its activities.

She has assisted in several international transactions within the Indian Ocean territory

especially between Mauritius and Seychelles. Anthea’s core competence revolves around her

cross-border compliance skills.

Shawn Thompson


Shawn is a holder of a BCOM Economics and Commercial Law degree from the University of

Witwatersrand. Shawn has several years of experience in the financial services sector where he

occupied several posts within the banking sector including Group Treasurer of SBM Group and

COO of Investec Bank of Mauritius.

With his strong background in banking, Shawn has led key initiatives in areas of risk and

governance. He also advises key investment funds globally.

Kamben Padayachy


Ben has more than 25 years’ experience in the banking and financial services sector, having worked in several positions in a number of international banks, including BNP Paribas and Barclays Bank in Mauritius where he was the Corporate Director. He was also the founder executive, Deputy CEO and director of AfrAsia Bank between 2007 to 2015. Ben now runs his own consultancy company, helping companies in their fund-raising initiatives and also financial services operators, including banks, in different mandates. He also sits as an independent director on the board of various companies in the Financial Services sector and his contribution is extensively valued on the back of his extensive experience, strategic astuteness, network of relationships and respect he commands in the economic sector.

Executive Team

Deva Marianen


Muhammad Rawat

Head of Projects Asset Management – Investment Banking

Muhammad has extensive experience in finance, including investment management,

corporate finance, insurance, pensions, and actuarial sciences. He takes a holistic approach to

his work, considering even the smallest details.

He has helped clients with investing assets, developing strategies, reviewing business plans,

improving operational efficiency, and raising finance. Throughout his career, he has managed

over USD 1 billion in assets and completed deals worth around USD 500 million.

Nitish Nirsimloo

Vice President, Corporate Finance

Nitish is a highly experienced financial services professional with over 15 years of industry

experience in financial advisory, audit, and banking. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant

and Fellow Chartered Accountant of ICAEW with a BSC (Hons) in Actuarial Science from Cass

Business School, London.

Nitish has held various positions in reputable organizations, including leading bond capital

raising, valuation of companies, managing international financial due diligence assignments,

and carrying out independent business reviews for distressed companies. He also

spearheaded the set-up of a real estate private equity fund in Mauritius. Nitish has worked

closely with offshore management companies and real estate agents while serving as a

Private Banker at Mauritius Commercial Bank.

Vidula Beesoon

Vice President – Investment Advisory

Vidula is a seasoned investment and banking professional, having held several senior

positions in renowned Banking, Wealth management and Investment banking institutions

such as HSBC (Mauritius), Investec Bank (Mauritius), Swan Wealth Managers, PLEION, Arie

Finance and Muhabura Capital Ltd, where she led the Investment Advisory department.

Her qualifications range from law and management to financial modelling, asset and liability

management, stress testing, wealth management, anti-money laundering, risk management

and Corporate Governance.

Amit Dauhjee

Head of Risk & Compliance / MLRO

Amit holds an LLB Honours from the University of London and is completing his postgraduate

LLM at the University of Salford.

He has worked as investigator at the ICAC – Law Enforcement Authority in Mauritius, as

Compliance Officer & MLRO at the SBM Group and has over 8 years’ experience at SBM Bank

(Mauritius) Ltd and SBM (NBFC) Holdings Ltd, focussed on compliance risk management and

advisory in legal matters with proficiency in money laundering, anti-bribery, corruption

legislation and sanctions laws.

Anouska Hosanee

Finance manager

Anouska has been in the financial services sector for over 15 years, and also has extensive

experience in hospitality and distribution with a focus business management, customer service,

front office, and collections.

Specialising in treasury management, she leads one of Safyr Capital’s sister companies where

she is responsible for servicing principally institutional clients. Her duties comprise overseeing

group accounts and Safyr Capital’s proprietary investment positions.

Rosie Chingamalun

Group Human Resources Manager

Rosie is a seasoned HR professional with 25+ years of experience and a proven track record

of delivering various HR functions to support organizational goals. Having undergone several

leadership courses to strengthen her skills, Rosie is proficient in HR management

competencies such as payroll, recruitment, talent management, record-keeping, employee

relations, and performance.

Nitish Ramasawmy

Compliance Executive

Nitish has nearly a decade of experience in the financial services sector in Mauritius, having

been lead compliance across companies involved mainly within fiduciary services servicing

clients across the African continent.

Nitish has extensive training in anti-money laundering and risk framework and currently

oversees the compliance and risk framework of Safyr Capital.

Cedric Marin

Senior Partner – Safyr Property Solutions

Cedric has spent more than two decades excelling in the competitive landscape of the Mauritian real estate, establishing a reputation as a well-respected and innovative agent.His expertise of the market and dedicated personal services to our exclusive clientele makes the difference.

With the heart to guide and serve, he will make you discover our island in its depth and guide you all the way through with his local expertise and experience.

Investment Advisory

Vidula Beesoon
Vice President – Investment Advisory
Oliver Thomas
Junior Analyst
Yash Gujadhur
Junior Analyst

Corporate Finance

Nitish Nirsimloo
Vice President, Corporate Finance
Akhilesh Nuckcheddy
Financial Analyst

Asset Management

Muhammad Rawat
Head of Projects Asset Management – Investment Banking
Hajiira Foondon
Senior Analyst

Legal & Compliance

Amit Dauhjee
Head of Risk & Compliance / MLRO
Nitish Ramasawmy
Compliance Executive
Kooldeepa Boodhun
Compliance Support

HR & Admin

Rosie Chingamalun
Group Human Resources Manager
Meenta Cooshna
Personal Assistant
Rachel Rose


Anouska Hosanee
Finance manager
Vikram Bhanjan
Accounts Officer
Sanjana Tirvengadum
Junior Accountant & Admin